What I Learned About Myself… And You

Year In Review: Reflect and absorb the lesson of 2021. (This one might hurt.)

Johnny Nguyen at Lake Jenny in the Grand Tetons
One of my fav pics from this year, wife snapped this at Grand Teton National Park.

C’mon, you knew it was coming… time for us to do our annual year in review! This is where we assess how we did on our goals for this past year, try to learn from it, and channel all that energy into next year. But I won’t make too big a deal of it like last year when I wrote about it here, here, here, AND here. 😉

I’ve enjoyed using two methods to assess how I did. Using the James Clear method, author of Atomic Habits, I take a high level, bird’s eye view of how the year went. It requires me to step back, and look at my performance objectively, like the Watcher in the Marvel’s What If series. An observer. And then there’s the Tim Ferriss method, author of the 4-Hour Workweek, which calls for a more week-by-week review.

If you’re interested, here’s my full assessment here and here. I must say, this year’s assessment has revealed some really interesting insights for me and explains quite a bit.

In summary, I achieved some of my goals but failed at others. Here’s what happened to me:

Lack of social time has affected me. It’s manifested into impatience and losing faith in myself. I think my arrogance led me to believe I was immune from the pandemic effects of social isolation. Reflecting on this past year, I’m thinking otherwise now. I’m seeing now how my reaction is not assuming positive intent.

Autonomy is important (for me). Call it American individualism if you want, but being raised Asian American, I identify with the strong need to be independent. With aging parents demanding more time, the pandemic still forcing some isolation, and WFH, I’ve been feeling the solitary confines more and more. I’m reminded of that TV show, Prison Break…

Today’s takeaway is for you to do your own assessment. Take a few minutes, do one or both of the methods, and see what profound thoughts may come from it. For me, I’ll sit with the above self-revelations, be ok with them, and then do something about it. Next email we’ll talk about planning for 2022!

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