Sony A7III

Had a hilarious exchange with someone I just met. We marveled at how we were willing to pay like $2000 for this camera, when we have a $1000 phone that takes prob just as good pictures. And yet, I won’t pay $1000 for a new tv when my current tv has a solid green bar on the left side of the screen. Worse yet, good luck getting me to pay for $5 for an app! Bottom line, this camera is amazing. (Amazon, $2000)

For me, before I gave myself permission to buy this cadillac of a camera, I took a couple photography classes to get the basics. I landed on this camera because, once again, I trust the Sony brand. The reviews for this was stellar with the latest in technology, the mirrorless makes it less bulky than others. Lastly, I just dropped my camera on the driveway concrete… and it still works great. Whew.

Amazon – $1800

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