Nike Metcon 5

My lightweight shoes started falling apart, so it was time to find new ones. But I didn’t want any ordinary shoes; I wanted something stylish but not too much of an attention-getter either. Enter the Nike Metcon 5. Recommended by GQ as one of the best cross-trainers in the gym, I’ll be wearing these in the workplace, paired with some dress clothes.

A tad pricier than I would normally spend at roughly $150, I decided to splurge because, well, I’m going through a midlife crisis in fashion. At 40 years old, I feel like tshirts with loud statements aren’t me, but I don’t want to be relegated to old-man polo’s either. I plan on redefining my style that’ll probably take me into the rest of my life, so, yeah, I’m gonna spend some time being intentional about it.

Amazon – Mens or Womens, ~$150

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