Kiehl Eye Fuel

I just turned 40 and although my body hasn’t fallen apart yet, I can feel my skin not being as moist as normal. Plus a lot of the articles I read over at GQ and Esquire say I need to invest in good moisturizers. My first moisturizer to invest in the future.

Been using this for over 6 months and I swear it’s making a difference. Like most of you, I stare at a computer screen most of the day, so the idea of supplying “fuel” to my eyes sounds appealing. Plus this feels like one of those long-term investment ideas, like our 401k. We always hear from old people how they regret not saving earlier in their life. I imagine using moisturizers is like 401k for your body. Here’s hoping this is more reliable than the stock market.

Amazon, $30. I know, pricey for a tiny thing! But I’m 6 months in and it’s still lasting.

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