My Story

“I never saved anything for the swim back.”

– Gattaca (1997)


I started the Venture Out in 2018 because I’m passionate about positivity and productivity. 

Positivity because why go through life angry, upset, and negative?!  There’s already enough negative news and influences, so let’s try and spread some love and happiness.

Productivity because time is limited.  There’s only so much time in a day, and if you’re like me, then we have way too much to do in life.  That’s why I’ve scoured literally everywhere to bring you the best in productivity tips.

Standing in front of a spent solid rocket booster, Ogden, Utah


I’ve worked for the federal government for over 20 years as a civil servant.  My parents are refugees from Vietnam and I was born as soon as they arrived in the States.  It took me a long time to appreciate what it meant to give back to this great nation and I take pride in that.  The mindset of serving others is important, and should be reflected in all parts of our life.  As a byproduct, I’ve served in numerous executive leadership and management positions.

Recording for the Junto Show podcast


In addition to my professional career, I’ve always experimented with passion projects.  I ran an online magazine comprised of over 30 freelancers for over a year.  I created a web-based comic strip, with a new comic strip every Monday for over 5 years.  Behind all these hustles is a drive to pursue something creative and new.  To create content for others and not just be a consumer.

Bracing against wind full of ice, on Gray-Torrey, Denver


Been to 6 of 7 continents (I’m coming for you Antartica!), and countries like Chile, Turkey, Cambodia, Thailand, Vietnam, and Namibia.  I’ve done a solo trip to Nepal and into the Himalaya mountains.  Beginning to learn about mountaineering by taking a course and summited Mt. Baker, and hopefully more to come!


In the end, it’s about results.  So what do we have to show for after all the sweat we’ve poured into our life?  Not everything will be a success, but at least we wake up everyday trying with a great attitude.   And that’s what the Venture Out is about – get more out of life though positivity and productivity.

How productive are you?