The Venture Out is essential to starting your morning powerfully. Having a great morning routine could make the difference between making the most of your day or letting the day pass you by. Supported by science, every journal contains a positive affirmation to set a good mindset, inspiration to feed your vision, stimulation to get your brain flowing, and some humor to unlock your creativity.

I find content for the Venture Out by consuming massive amounts of data and is never for sale.  I don’t accept money, gifts, or products in exchange for publicity.  If I’m talking about a product or a technique, most of the time I have tried it out myself and can give you my perspective.  Other times it’s just a product or technique that I’m interested in, and will try to denote this as much as possible.

For revenue to keep this business running, you can assume I get a kickback from any Amazon product link.  For any other product, you can assume I DO NOT get a kickback, unless noted.

Thanks so much for giving it a try and I’d love to get any feedback.  Now go Venture Out and be a better you – everyday.

Johnny T. Nguyen