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About Johnny Nguyen

Who am I, why should you care, and heck, why should I care?!

Quick Stats on Johnny Nguyen:

+ Writes a newsletter, over 25k readers

+ World traveler, 6 of 7 continents, over 30 (need recount!) countries

+ Adventurer, hiker, runner, tennis, ping-pong player

+ Executive leadership, up to 200 people

+ Wakes up before 6AM most days

Entrepreneur, started this Venture Out Media, LLC in 2019

+ Love coffee, ‘nuff said

+ Survived being raised by a tiger mom

Johnny hikiing Mt Bierstadt
“I never saved anything for the swim back.”
Gattaca (1997)

That’s one of my favorite quotes of all time, and it came the science fiction movie, Gattaca.  What does that say about me?  Well, it says I love sci-fi, but it also says there’s a deep-down urge to really make the most out of this one life.  If I’m not saving anything for the swim back, that means I’m going to do my damndest to be happy and leave an impact on this world.

I’m passionate about making the most out of everyday.  With only so much time in the day, it’s crucial we find ways to be more effectiveness, more efficient, and be exposed to the latest leading thoughts.   

That’s exactly what Venture Out is all about, an adventure into positivity and productivity.  I write about relatable, practical, and real insights about how to be more successful, more powerful, and more happy.

So what makes me qualified to do this?  Well, there are some quick stats about me and by no means am I saying I’m the definitive expert.  But I am a practitioner of what I say and what I recommend.  When I expose you to new ways of thinking and call-to-actions that you can actually do right now, you can rest assured I’ve researched it and done them myself.

Lastly, let’s have some fun with this.  Life shouldn’t be so serious.  Let’s have some fun on this adventure.  We’ll talk about our purpose, our relationships, the world around us, things that we love, and always in the context of increased positivity and productivity.

Well, so who’s Johnny Nguyen?  All of that and hopefully more.

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