Essential Coffee Gear (Things I Love)

Last updated – Jan 2021

Funny how when I was younger, I hated the idea of coffee. Having tasted it, it was pure curiosity how did coffee become such a staple in human life.

Fast forward to today, I love coffee, much like you probably. Why? Most likely it’s because it gives a little oommpf to our morning and our brain juices flowing. Unconsciously, it’s also a prompt or a symbol to now be productive. And perhaps even on a deeper level, coffee represents the ability to deep think and achieve something great.

Whatever your reasons (which I would love to hear btw), below is a run down of my current favorite gear and supply. Enjoy!

For Cold Brew

OXO Cold Brew Coffee Maker

OXO Cold Brew coffee maker
OXO Cold Brew coffee maker

Of all my recommendations, this is an absolute must!

Besides the occasional Starbucks, this is the main way I make and drink my coffee, the OXO Cold Brew coffee maker. I’ve had this thing for years and it makes very tasty coffee every time. Pair it with quality beans (read further below) and BAM, you’re in for a fantastic treat.

It’s almost too simple of a device to pay $50 for. You put coffee grinds in, add the correct amount of water, let sit on the counter for 24 hours, and then press one button to let the coffee concentrate pour out. Store in the fridge, and when you want a cup, just add water (or milk, soy, oatmilk, whatever) to get the right proportion. Tastes great.

OXO Cold Brew Maker – $50

For Hot Coffee

FELLOW Stagg Pour-Over

Fellow Pour Over Kit

At the risk of being too hipster, here’s a convenient and top-of-the-line device to hone your skill at making coffee by the pour-over method.

Why pour-over? Think of it as 3 minutes of meditation and focus. And the reward is a nice cup of coffee, which all know Is fuel for productivity. I’ve used this for a few months now, especially during the colder months of Florida, and appreciate the intentional process of making coffee. I also find the Fellow products very stylish and worthy of being on my kitchen counter.

The Stagg EKG Electric Pour-Over Kettle has that goose-neck you need to have fine control during the pour. Pro-tip, when pouring, tuck your elbow close to your body for better control.

The Stagg [X] Dripper and Tasting Cup is a real-simple device to start-off with, with each component serving a useful function for each step of the process.

Fellow Stagg EKG Electric Pour-Over Kettle – $149
Fellow Stagg [X] Dripper and Tasting Cup – $69
The Pour-Over Kit – $199


Capresso 565.05 Infinity Conical Burr Grinder

I honestly thought, do I really need to spend over $100 for a coffee bean grinder? Won’t my little spice grinder work just fine? According the experts, the grind of the bean matters a lot. For cold brew, the grind should be more coarse, while for hot drip coffee and especially expressos, the grind needs to be fine. After a lot of research, this Capresso came up as both highly rated, durable and dependable, and won’t break the bank. Been using it for over a year now and it still holds up great, although it gets a bit messy with the cleanup. Take me a total of no more than 10 minutes to grind a bag of beans and clean up.

Amazon $130, Bed Bath Beyond $100

Tumblers and Cups


What’s the best way to make sure you’re listening and choosing your words wisely? By keeping your mouth occupied for a moment! My preferred method, by sipping on some amazing coffee. Do it in style and support local projects with MiiR. They offer a wide range of beautiful tumblers, wine bottles, growlers, and cups like this exclusive one by artist Kyler Martz. I’ve got 4 of their products, sipping out of one right now, and choosing my words carefully.

Camp cup, travel tumblers – ~$30

Subscription Coffee Beans

Just Coffee Coop

Been using them for YEARS, and they’re still my go-to spot. Love them for their sustainable and fair trade mission, can’t beat their subscription price, and the coffee beans results in great tasting coffee.

Two, 12-oz bags – $26/month

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