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Last updated October 2020

Watches That I Love (and own)

Filson Journeyman GMT

The watch I wear the most often, especially when on travel. I’ve owned this watch for about 5 years and have taken it to countless countries and on most of my hikes. Aesthetically, the watch is bold and easy to read, with illuminating hands that shine bright. Functionally, it’s a GMT watch, meaning it has an additional hour hand (from the pic, it’s that short orange hand) which allows you to track a second time zone, perfect if you’re always traveling. Everything about it screams functional and durable, plus it’s made in the USA.

Brand-wise, Filson prides itself on quality. Its tagline is, “unfailing goods.” Established in 1850, they have all kinds of clothing, packs, and gear that all points to a rugged, outdoorsy, no-nonsense kind of brand. For this watch, they teamed up with Shinola, a Detroit-based watch-maker.

Filson – Check for latest options – Approx $250

Mont Blanc

What do you do when you’re in Geneva, the Swiss watchmaking capital? Well, you buy a Swiss watch is what. I bought my Montblanc Star Date back in 2017 from the Butcherer, a jeweler that’s been around since 1888. The image above is accurate except mine has shiny blue hands, instead of black. Paired with the brown leather strap, I think it’s a stunning piece, perfect for modern blue suits or a button-up shirt with the sleeves rolled up.

On its side is the word “Meisterstück” engraved, which pays homage to the famous Montblanc fountain pen.

  • Movement: Swiss automatic – Caliber MB 24.09, beats at 28,800 vph, contains 25 Jewels
  • Case measurement: 39mm

Mont Blanc – Check their Star Legacy Collection (Men and Women)

Skagen Jorn Mesh

I bought this beauty just last year while in Copenhagen, Denmark, searching for a souvenir. Although the extremely light weight watch never appealed to me because I wanted the hefty, substantial watches, the Skagen has definitely grown on me. It’s thin and has a metallic mesh band that slinks around your wrist. Perfect for any casual occasion, it’s subtle but still stylish. And because it’s so light, you’ll put it on and forget it’s even there… until you need to see what time it is.

As the name indicates, the designs are drawn from Denmark. Originally started by a husband and wife, they have since sold the company to Fossil, but Skagen continues to operates as a subsidiary.

Skagen – $145 $50 (Men and Women)

Tissot – T Classic Tradition Chronograph Men’s Watch

Bought this watch over 7 years ago, and although it’s not my go-to watch for most occasions, it’s an extremely classy watch that’s great for dress-up events.

The 1853 on the face of the watch is the year Tissot was established. A Swiss-based brand, Tissot made the first pocketwatch with two time zones and in 1999, introduced the technology of touch-sensitive sapphire crystals to control various functions, like compass.

Jomashop – $275

Watches That I Want

Omega Speedmaster “Moon watch”

Since I’m a space enthusiast, this watch is obviously on my list. Work by the Apollo 11 astronauts and making its way to the surface of the Moon, this watch just oozes history. Omega has made several commemorative editions of this watch, but I’ll want to get someone as close to the original as possible. When I was in Vegas last year taking a break between poker games, I wondered into one of the countless luxury watch stores and saw this beauty. Talking to the sales lady, she educated me on how at that time, sapphire glass was not widely used on watches yet. Instead, the Speedmaster had a Hésalite, plexiglass cover.

Omega Moonwatch Collection – Approx $3,000

Hamilton GMT (Automatic)

Hamilton TENET

Call me a tad patriotic, but I like the idea that Hamilton is a solid, reputable American watch brand. Combined with a history of collaboration with the movie industry, and I’m sold.

Making beautiful timepieces for both women and men, they offer a nice lineup and some are limited.

“Hamilton watches are innovative, iconic and known for American Spirit and Swiss Precision. We are known for the highest performance standards and Swiss made movements. We create automatic, mechanical and quartz watches, men’s and women’s watches. With a reputation for craftsmanship and strong movie, military and aviation heritage, our watches include the Khaki Field, Khaki Aviation, Khaki Navy, Ventura and Jazzmaster.”

Hamilton GMT Auto – Approx $1500

Timex Snoopy Space Traveler (Automatic)

Combining my love for space exploration, comic strips, and also automatic watches, you get the extremely affordable Timex Snoopy Space Traveler. Although currently sold out at the time of writing, I’ll be keeping my eye out for this, especially when it goes on sale, as Timex usually has one going on.

Timex – Sold Out – Approx $150

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