Essential Speakers for Any Occasion (Things I Love)

Last updated September 2020

Best Headphones

My last over-the-ear headphones finally broke after several years, and so it was time to get new ones. I wanted over-the-ear because I fly on planes a lot and want something that would provide maximum coverage over my gigantic, dumbo-sized ears. I’ve been a fan of reliable Sony and this time I splurged on the Sony WHCH700N and got noise-cancelling. Overall – stylish, sounds great, long battery life, and doesn’t break the bank.

The headphones also have Alexa, which I haven’t used yet. It’s got great voice confirmations, so you know when you’ve turn it on or off. The ears swivel, which allows for easy flat packing. I’ve used it on the plane several times now and it does a sweet job of cancelling out noise.

Amazon or B&H ($199 $98)


Although I have the previous model, I’ll go ahead and recommend the updated ENACFIRE E60 Bluetooth V5.0 Wireless Earbuds. I previously only worked out with either around the ear headphones or headband types. Because these were super affordable, I took the chance in case one fell out and got lost. I have to say, it’s been a game changer. They fit securely, are waterproof/sweatproof, and last for about 8 hr on a charge. Plus the case acts like a charger, so they’re fully charged everytime I use them. Definitely worth the low cost of about $40.

Amazon – $40

Best Outdoor Portable Speaker

So, I got this Sony SRS-XB10 tiny portable speaker as a gift from my mom, which I’m 99% confident that she re-gifted. Works for me because this little thing is awesome. I keep it outdoors in my back patio because it’s both dust and waterproof. Apparently it’s good enough to float in your pool, if need be, and not just water resistant. And if we’re perfectly honest, it sounds better than my Jambox, which admitted is several years older. But still, the Jambox was almost $200 versus this Sony SRS for just $50 (or less, if you can find it).

Amazon or B&H – $50

Best Indoor Speaker

A bit pricey at $179, the Sonos One SL is rated one of the top speakers for streaming by Wirecutter. Stream meditation sessions from Headspace or simply listen to your playlist anytime in the house.

Why this one over the multitude of wireless and bluetooth enabled speakers, like Amazon’s Echo, Apple’s Homepod, or BOSE? Bottom line, most important aspect is GREAT sound quality. All the other features like being “smart” is secondary (or maybe even unwanted because it’s always listening). Lastly, I want to walk into the room and be positively reminded that it’s a great sounding and great looking speaker, with potential to be expanded for surround sound purposes.

Amazon or B&H – Currently $179 at B&H, I got them during Black Friday sales for $150.

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