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Last updated May 2020

Team of Rivals: The Political Genius of Abraham Lincoln

I know, I know, this isn’t the cover of the book but rather the Steven Spielberg movie. Do both!

Anyone interested in leadership has got to be fascinated by Lincoln, and how he accomplished so much during perhaps the most difficult time in our nation’s history. And what’s alluring about Team of Rivals is how we turned his political enemies into his Cabinet members! Can you imagine that happening in our political environment today? McCain came close when he almost selected Democrat Lieberman as his VP running mate. But imagine if Trump had asked Hilary to be in his cabinet! Or if Biden becomes president, he asks Ivanka to be his Secretary of State. Mind-blowing.

And yet, that’s what Lincoln did. Oh yeah, he also ended slavery, brought the country back together, and did it with a pretty low-key personality. Check out the book, which is definitely a a must-read book for leadership.

Amazon, hardcover or paperback – $14


Absolutely mind blowing to hear about the history of humans from the bazillion foots level. It’s mind blowing because at that macro level, it puts so much of what we do into perspective.

For example, the lesson on how homo sapiens are the only species capable of overriding our genetic shortcomings into believing and doing something totally new. The books posits, imagine if monkeys were also able to override their genetic programming. We might not see the alpha male chimp but rather monkey’s voting in a democratic style!

Contemplate with fresh eyes why our society is the way it is, and better understand what shapes our future.

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Amazon – $14

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