Kielh’s Facial Fuel with Sunscreen

After success with their jet fuel eye moisturizer, I decided to also try out Kielh’s Facial Fuel, a facial moisturizer with sunscreen. So far, so great. It goes on super smooth, with no greasiness feel at all. For a guy, that’s about as much as I can ask for!

I’m 40 now, and prob about a year or so now, I’ve started noticing that my facial skin get a bit dry. Never happened before, and yet, I have to do something about it. And because I’m playing the long game and want my skin to be healthy for a long time to come, I wanted something of high quality and sunscreen built into it. With the skin being the largest organ in the body, and seeing first hand with my elderly dad how his skin is like paper thin, I want to do what I can now before it’s too late.

Amazon, $49

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