A Better Purpose to Life


Why, Be, Do, Whaaa?

Mission, vision, goals. Just saying those words almost puts me to sleep. Same for you?

What it comes down to is: do you have any idea what your ‘purpose’ is? Science keeps showing having a purpose leads to happiness and a longer life.

Further complicating it is that you probably have multiple roles – you might be a wife or a husband, a mother or a father, a daughter or son, a follower and a leader at work, a friend to others, and then an expert in your hobby. That’s a lot of purposes!

Let’s make sense of it all.


Using Lance Secretan’s Why-Be-Do method, give this some thought:

  • Destiny (WHY I am here)
  • Character (how I will BE and what I will stand for)
  • Calling (what I will DO)

Answer these questions mentally for a second, either for a specific role or just in general. Then circle back later today and see how you’re doing.

He’s got tons of books, including his most recent release, The Bellwether Effect: Stop Following. Start Inspiring.

It’s About Having a CAUSE

They say, “if you don’t stand for something, then you sand for nothing.” Oof, sounds like fighting words. I recall someone calling me out on that at work and I got very defensive.

So, what is your Cause?

“a principle, aim, or movement that, because of a deep commitment, one is prepared to defend or advocate.”

– Oxford Dictionary

Today we talk about finding our Cause because it’ll translate to more meaningful actions and behavior, and people will notice that.


Here’s what Lance Secretan has to say about identifying your Cause, it’s, “a magnetic vision so powerful that it draws people and their passion to it from afar.” [2]

Your Cause should be:

  • “engaging with a long view”
  • “ennoble others, not to enrich yourself”
  • “channels from something greater than themselves”

Still don’t get it? Here’s a short 2 min video from the man himself.


One of my favorite examples of a person who found their Cause and turned it into a powerful movement is Scott Harrison, founder of Charity: Water, who revolutionized the way donations are tracked to show exactly how that money is being used, and making a difference.

Can people hear you CALLING?


I’m not talking about when you call someone, do they pick up! I’m talking about, do people hear the Calling? If you’re a leader, then you need to have a Cause, and that’s what your followers will hear as their Calling.

Align your Cause so people can easily hear a Calling.


Here’s what you should ponder today:

“Adapt the organization to the employee, not the other way around.” – Lance Secretan [3]

If you’re working on any sort of team, then think about how best to use that person’s innate skills and passions to move your Cause forward. If you can align their passion with what you’re trying to achieve, then I think that translates to them hearing the Calling, and they’ll naturally be motivated to be their best.

Can you hear it? That’s your Calling.


Stop trying to motivate people, instead inspire them.

Supposedly motivation doesn’t last long, whereas inspiration is deep within a person, and therefore longer lasting.

And before you can do any of that, you’ve got to take a hard look in the mirror. Are you leading for the right reason – which is selflessly? No, it’s not about profits or bonuses or your next promotion. Nope, it can only be about helping others. It totally sounds like a Yoda reverse-psychology thing, but if you want to succeed, then you’ve got to put your wants aside and focus on the success of other’s.


Looking in the mirror, what inspires us? Here’s a short 20 question quiz from Oprah herself.

If we can understand ourself better, then maybe we can bridge that gap and understand what inspires others better.

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