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Today I’ll remain calm despite any waves crashing upon me.

In this journal, I focus on gear that is now essential to my productivity.  Do you need this gear in order to be productive?  Of course not, 99% of it is just your head game.  But if we’re talking even 1% improvement, why not strive for limits?  Here’s what I’m currently loving, and I don’t get any kickbacks, so you can trust in them!

– Johnny


Let’s get the scary part out of the way first – this thing cost $100.  Yeah, it’s pricey but it’s also a lifesaver.  One of my irrational fears is after a lifetime of using computers, that I’ll get carpel tunnel syndrome from all that surfing and spreadsheet.  For a mere $100, this is Logitech’s first vertical mouse, which touts it reduces muscle strain by 10% and 4-times less hand movement.  Here’s a review of the Logitech Vertical MX and buy here.



I’ve talked about them before but feel compelled to do so again.  First, the Give Code.  With every purchase, you get a special code you can then enter on their website to find out where your some of your money went to help a local community project.  Next, “Empowerful – Taking on the world to create positive change.”  With a slogan like that and their spotlight on various people making a difference, their drinkware and bags are more than the product.  Visit the MiiR store here.


The Venture Out is essential to starting your morning powerfully.  Having a great morning routine could make the difference between making the most of your day or letting the day pass you by.  Supported by science, every journal contains a positive affirmation to set a good mindset, inspiration to feed your vision, stimulation to get your brain flowing, and some humor to unlock your creativity.  Now go Venture Out and be a better you – everyday. 
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