4 Ways to Break Bad Phone Behavior  – Venture Out – Sep 27, 2018

Today I’m feeling anxious and rushed, so I’ll slow down as much as I can and take more time than needed. 

I’ve been playing Clash Royale on my phone for awhile now… and I just deleted the app.  (Don’t worry, I’m NOT including a link to it so you don’t get sucked in like me!)  A game on Clash Royale is only 3 minutes long and works pretty nicely for those dead moments in life.  Yet, there can be a better purpose for those dead moments, including just giving our brain a break, which has science has shown can help with innovation and creativity.

– Johnny




Here are 4 ways to break bad phone behavior:

  1. Grayscale – With three clicks of the power button, turn your phone into grayscale, which makes it less appealing to surf endlessly.

  2. Real alarm clock – Most of us, me included, use our phones as the alarm clock to wake up in the morning. Just buy a real alarm clock and put your phone far, far away.

  3. Turn off notifications – Go into your phone’s settings and turn off all notifications, like those pesky badge number indicator that nag at the OCD in you.

  4. Bury your apps – Bury the social media apps into folders. That extra click might be just enough to change your habit. Yes, we are that lazy sometimes.

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