4 Ways to be Happier  – Venture Out – Sep 18, 2018

Today I’ll be extra kind and thoughtful with people.

So, did we solve the problem with happiness in our last issue?  Haha, of course not.  It’s not something to be solved, but rather the way we think of ourselves and the world around us.  For me, that means little reminders and nudges towards working towards a bigger cause than myself, until it becomes an easier habit and just natural.  No one’s perfect (except for Hugh Jackman), so it’s ok to have fun with it.

– Johnny




The 4 pillars of meaning by Emily Esfahani Smith, author of the Power of Meaning.  

  • Belonging – What are the relationships that make you feel valued?

  • Purpose – What’s something worthwhile to do with your time?  Hint: Usually it involves helping others.

  • Transcendence – When you can stop thinking about yourself.

  • Storytelling – The stories we tell ourselves becomes how we think of ourselves.  Don’t like it?  Just change the story we tell ourselves.

Photo:  @habitatforhumanity

DO THIS NOW:  Catch yourself today when you limit or hold yourself back.  Challenge that thinking.



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