Venture Out – The day my career hit a wall!

I was sitting at the head of the table getting interviewed by a panel of 6 people, all staring down the barrel at me. 

“Tell me 3 weaknesses and what you have been doing about them.”

I had climbed the career ladder quickly and ascended to a point where I was finally up for the biggest promotion of my life.  I’d even done the job for a year but when it came to the selection, I lost.  Desperate to understand how I fell short, I asked feedback from the interview panel, from my coworkers, from everybody – and it was hard to hear.

I’ve come to realize what had worked for me up until that point was not enough to take me to the next level.

That’s what started me on this journey.  I came to realize something that’s core to me.

Tomorrow I’ll share what I learned and how it can improve your life!

Johnny T. Nguyen


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