Styles to Love More  – Venture Out – Sep 11, 2018

Today I’ll find something about my life to love even more.

What’s your style say about you?  The last couple years my style has changed to become more conscious of what those companies stand for, as well as getting closer to nature.  I started changing when I became more mindful about other aspects of my life.  It made sense that how I express myself on the outside should reflect that too.  Here are some more of my favorites, I don’t get any kickbacks so try them in confidence.

– Johnny




Stumbled across their line when I was looking for a baselayer to survive 5 days camping on the snow.  Therefore, I needed either a synthetic or wool-based shirt (to minimize odor), but most wool clothing is itchy, never comparing to cotton.  Took a chance on their long-sleeve shirt and it honestly feels better than cotton, plus it captures the style of modern day Viking.  Skål!



“Every purchase removes a pound of trash from the ocean.”  Immediately start off feeling good about buying anything from this rapidly growing clothing line.  I recently bought their Mansa shirt – soft and breathable, casual enough for work, and stylish enough for the night out.  The company also arranges cleanups around the country, which just makes my dollars feel even better.  Purchase here, and tons of options for the ladies.


The Venture Out is essential to starting your morning powerfully.  Having a great morning routine could make the difference between making the most of your day or letting the day pass you by.  Supported by science, every journal contains a positive affirmation to set a good mindset, inspiration to feed your vision, stimulation to get your brain flowing, and some humor to unlock your creativity.  Now go Venture Out and be a better you – everyday. 
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