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Today I’ll embrace the loneliness.

Our next couple issues will highlight some styles I’ve been loving.  You might ask, what the heck does that have to do with achieving the optimum day?!  Furthermore, others might say it’s not about ‘things’ but rather about feeling good in our own skin.  I wholeheartedly agree.  Keep doing the mindfulness practice, gratitude journaling, exercising, anything that’s been setting the intention and gaining clarity.  And then, invest in some gear to either enhance or eliminate barriers.  Here are some of my favorites, and I don’t get any kickbacks, so you can trust in them!

– Johnny




Just launched, my friend Jerad Merbitz started his own clothing line that perfectly embodies how life can be lived “with intention, serving others, praying for the hurting, encouraging others, or just being their best and boldest selves through everyday life.”  For me, it’s a tough balance to strike between wearing something that’s not too loud, but wanting to make a positive statement with my dollars – all the while with style, of course.  Give it a try and start the conversation.

Photo: @watchusroar


In every guy’s closet is the need for an essential t-shirt.  The cheapness in me makes it hard to justify why would I pay more than $10 for a simple t-shirt.  Well, there are those shirts “good enough” for around the house wear, but if you’re looking for a very simple, understated look that’s great for going out, then Buck Mason’s slub shirts are what you want.  Made in America, they’re described as, “built from beautiful 100% slub cotton. Slub is lightly textured fabric made of small batch, low-tension looms. The neck opening leaves room to breathe, while the rounded shirttail lends a tailored look to an everyday essential.”  Read an Esquire review here, purchase here, and ladies don’t shy away either!

@buckmason     Photo: @nicholasmaggio     Model: @rusty_ry_ry

The Venture Out is essential to starting your morning powerfully.  Having a great morning routine could make the difference between making the most of your day or letting the day pass you by.  Supported by science, every journal contains a positive affirmation to set a good mindset, inspiration to feed your vision, stimulation to get your brain flowing, and some humor to unlock your creativity.  Now go Venture Out and be a better you – everyday. 
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