Protect the First Hour – Venture Out – Aug 30, 2018

Today I’ll make things happen but when it come to people, I’ll take my time.

Let’s resume our discussion on how best to arrange our day based on our body’s natural peak performance.  If you haven’t yet, head over here to take the Horne-Ostberg Morning-Eveningness Questionnaire to understand if you’re a morning person, evening person, or something else altogether, such as a WhiteWalker, who don’t have optimal times.

– Johnny




Am I a morning or evening person? Took the quiz, got a 64, which means I’m a Moderate Mid-Morning person – my melatonin kicks in at 8:30PM and my natural bedtime is 11:00PM.  Not a surprise to me whatsoever (maybe it works like astrology where it just confirms my bias!). I do my best thinking early in the morning with a cup of black coffee, best social interactions in the early afternoon, and then hard physical activities in the late afternoon.  With this knowledge, next issue we dig into what to do to maximize our optimum performance.

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The Venture Out is essential to starting your morning powerfully.  Having a great morning routine could make the difference between making the most of your day or letting the day pass you by.  Supported by science, every journal contains a positive affirmation to set a good mindset, inspiration to feed your vision, stimulation to get your brain flowing, and some humor to unlock your creativity.  Now go Venture Out and be a better you – everyday. 
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